Hitech Extrusion metals India are an industry leader when it comes to manufacturing and export of Brass extrusions , Brass extruded rods, Brass wires, Brass sections Brass hollow rods profiles,Tubes etc. We manufacture Brass Rods, Brass Wires, , Special Copper Alloys, Brass Profiles Sections,Bronze Rods, Brass Casting, Brass Pipes Tubes, Brass Hollow Rods, Brass Ingots Billets, Brass Extrusion Profiles and Bronze Ingots Billets with standard as well as non standard designing abilities,

Hitech Extrusion LLP

We offer Brass extruded rods in a wide wealth of ranges like: Brass round Extruded Rods, Brass Square Rods , Brass Hex Rods, Brass Flats, Brass Strips , Knurled Extrusion Rods which meet to prevailing t International Standards.

Our forte is production of Brass Round Rods, Brass Square Rods, Brass Hexagon Rods, Forging Brass Rods,Extruded Hollow Rods,Extruded Hollow sections,Metal Extrusions, Rectangular Rod, Rectangular Brass Extrusion Rods, Extrusion Bend Rods, Extrusion Tube Rods, Extruded Brass Section, Copper Extrusion Rods, Copper Alloy Extrusion, Brass Extruded Rods, Brass Knurled Extruded Rods, Brass Flat Rods, Rectangle Extruded Bars, Brass Extruded Bars Extrusion Pipe Rods Hexagon Extrusion Rods, Round Extrusion Rods, Extruded Brass Profile, Extrusion Rods, Square Extrusion Rods, Brass Bus Bars, Brass Solid Rods, Hex Brass Rods, Brass Hollow Rods, Extruded Brass Rods, Flat Brass Rods, Brass Flat Bars , Brass Strips etc as per buyers specification.

We are a company that exemplifies the expertise of the group in the field of non-ferrous metals. A live corporate citizen that sets standards in the highly specialized field of Brass and Copper extrusion.

We strive to achive customer's delight by offering best quality Brass rods Brass extruded rods Brass sections Brass hollow rods and Brass profiles.