Copper Busbars
;Brass Wires

We offer a wide range of Brass and Copper busbars and have a large production facilities for Extruded and Drawn Flats in various production range of sizes and shapes for Electrical Engineering (Transformers, Switchgears, Panels, Earthing , Electrification - Lines), Anodes, Components etc.

Width : 10 mm to 250 millimeter
Thickness : 2 mm & above

  • With Sharp Edges where needed
  • With Round Ridges
  • With full radius if needed

The Benefits/Features of busbars include:

  • Higher Conductivity for better carrying capacity
  • Excellent dimensional control for superior contacts
  • Engineered for longer life
  • Crack - free Bends
  • Customer specification solution
Weight per meter in kg. = width x thickness x 0.0089

Copper Coil

  • CDA 110
  • half Hard and Soft Temper
  • Slit to Width that is needed