Admirality Brass tubes for Evaporation & Coolers Applications

Brass Wires

Product application Areas :
Heat Exchangers, Refineries, Power Plants, Desalination Plants, Ship Building & Ship Repairs, Condensers, Ferrules, Distillers.

Characteristics :
A Copper Zinc Alloy containing tin and small amount of Arsenic, which is added as an inhibitor against dezincification. The most common and wrought form is tube for heat exchange equipment. Guide to the selection of tube material:Clear river, Lake or Canal Water.a. Dissolved salts more than 2000 ppm.b. Chloride less then 20 ppm.c. H2S and Ammonia is less than 1 ppm.d. Suspended solids less than 25 ppm.e. For temperature more than 2000C and less than 4500 C.Permissible average velocity of water 1.8-2.0 meters/sec. The pressure of Tin imparts to the alloy good corrosion resistance in a moderately polluted river water and clean seawater, either stagnant or slow moving (upto about 2 mtrs/sec.).
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