Welcome to Hitech Extrusion Metals India -Your top source for Brass extruded rods, Brass hollow rods, Brass sections and Brass and Copper strips/wires.

We are one of the leading Brass and Copper extrusion plant based in Jamnagar India- the Brass city of the world. We are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of Brass Extruded Rods, Brass Hollow rods,Brass Pipex, Brass Tubes etc. having great reputation and history in the industry. We manufacture Brass Rods, Brass Pipes, Brass Tubes, Brass Hollow Rods, Brass Ingots Billets, Special Copper Alloys ,Brass Wires, Bronze Rods, Brass Casting, , Brass Profiles Brass extruded Sections, Brass Extruded Profiles and Bronze Ingots Billets Casting with standard as well as bespoke designing strenegth and capabilities.

Our in-house installed manufacturing capacity of about 7000 Tons per year, in expansive area of 52,000 sq.ft, achieved with cutting edge technology and veru high quality standards and testiung capabilities.

We specialize in Brass hollow rods, CDA 360 quality Brass rods and hexgonal Extruded Brass rods to various international standards for Forging grade requirements.